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I attended a training on the current IEP software we use in our district – Excent – but with the upgrade of an RTI component called Enrich.  I was so excited after the presentation!  A teacher can log in and see all the kids in their classroom who are on IEPs, 504s, BIPs, RTI plans, etc.  Teachers can input RTI data and automatic graphs are created with class and district averages included.  Other team members can have access to the RTI plan to preview.  If a student moves, the plan follows them, electronically!  I love the integration piece – where you can go back and pull all sorts of data on a student, all in one place.

I doubt my district will end up purchasing this piece of Excent, but it excites me to know that the whole field is progressing, slowly, toward a more integrated, progress monitoring/documenting approach.

I know Aimsweb has all sorts of similar features, but again, my district has not chosen to purchase such software for general education purposes.  My hopes are still high though, as funding and budgets are rearranged to comply with RTI requirements for effective implementation.

I LOVE using technology to streamline processes and make our lives more efficient.  RTI data collection seems to be requiring a lot of repetition on forms.  Why not help us use our time more efficiently by not having to re-write so many basic things on every single form?  Such is life though in all fields I would imagine.

    • Does anyone use an online RTI documentation program besides Aimsweb?
    • Do you find redundancy in completing all the RTI paperwork (even if it’s not directly you completing it)?
    • Does RTI paperwork ‘get lost’ on kids who move schools frequently?
    • Do you have pros or cons to using an online RTI software system?

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